Amazon Web Services

Domains Of AWS :- 
1. Compute
2. Migration
3. Security and Identity compliance
4. Storage
5. Networking and Content Delivery
6. Messaging Domain
7. Database Domain
We will discuss about every Domain of AWS in this post . So let's start .
AWS SERVICES -A.  EC2 - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, scalable compute capacity in the cloud.  It is like a web server that can be resized according to number of configuration.  Resizable compute capacity in the cloud , which can be customize according to your need . It is used to host your a application .
B. Lambda -AWS Lambda is a compute service that makes it easy for you to build applications that respond quickly to new information . This is an aws service that executes background tasks.It is not used to host an application. example : file compression in background .
AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of the Amazon Web Services. It is a com…

Don't skip Rest-Api

Hi ,my name is Sundaram Dubey. I am Python developer and competitive programmer .
I am going to discuss about Rest-Api . A lot of you before heard about Rest Api but if don't know what is this so today we are going to discuss about it . Now a days nearly 90% of start-ups works on the rest-Api(Application Program Interface) first . Rest Api is essential in web development field . It is basically "Json data about data ".  Client — the client is the person or software who uses the API. It can be a developer, for example you, as a developer, can use Twitter API to read and write data from Twitter, create a new tweet and do more actions in a program that you write. Your program will call Twitter’s API. The client can also be a web browser. When you go to Twitter website, your browser is the client who calls Twitter API and uses the returned data to render information on the screen.Resource — a resource can be any object the API can provide information about. In Instagram’s API…

Interview Preparation Kit - Array(2D Array-DS) hacker rank

2D Array - DS Given a 2D Array,: